The psychology department aims to respect and work to promote the rights and dignity of people with special needs/disability Download Sonic 2. Psychologists shall work with individuals with special needs, their families and staff to assist them in identifying their own strengths and abilities, and assist individuals with disability to achieve their full potential, have a positive quality of life and become valued members of society Sketchfab.

Role of Psychologist

Members of the psychology department aim to provide a high quality service to individuals with disability and their families visual web developer 2008 express 다운로드. Psychologists are an autonomous profession who work in the context of multi-disciplinary teams. We work to assist individuals with disability achieve their full potential, whilst doing so we are mindful of the following core principles:

(a) Service delivery must at all times be guided by research and best practice and informed by our Code of Professional Ethics 소니 베가스 10.0.

(b) All individuals are unique and planning needs to be based on a model of each individual’s strengths and abilities.

(c) Quality services are developed by working in collaboration with individuals with disabilities, their families and staff 그레이스 빙의 다운로드.

(d) Commitment to continuous professional development.

The psychologist’s role encompasses varying levels and ranges of input with students, their families, and the organisation and external bodies, to include:

  • Direct contact e.g Download youtube age-restricted videos. assessment, intervention, group work, behavioural intervention
  • Consultation with staff, families, organisation. It may be directly related to specific client and also may focus on general issues such as policy and procedures Font Mania.
  • Organisational development e.g. staff training, service development, working groups/committee’s.
  • Research and evaluation i.e. to identify service needs and evaluate outcomes for students Download the Minecraft Java Edition.


Internal referrals to the Psychology Department are received from managers of departments, managers of services and parents 아이폰 예능. Standard referral forms are available from the department. Prioritisation of new referrals takes place where a waiting list is in operation.

How to Contact Us

Psychology Department Secretary
Phone: (00353) (0) 1 2819485
Fax: (00353) (0) 1 2811398