Occupational Therapy

What do we do?

St. Catherine’s Occupational Therapy Service focuses on helping clients achieve autonomy in tasks that are meaningful to them and their families 원피스 442화. Occupational Therapists work with the client and their family to come up with treatments, strategies, or adaptations so that clients can be as independent as possible Download The Sechskies Comeback. Occupational Therapists work as members of a multi-disciplinary team and may see clients individually, in groups or with their family.

Occupational Therapy

What specific areas do we address Graphedit?

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

We help our clients in areas such as balance, coordination, ball skills, grasping (holding) objects, and in-hand manipulation (important for managing clothes fastenings and for pencil skills etc.) Go to see the star mp3.

 Activities of Daily Living

Since we focus on gross and fine motor skills and sensory processing, we are well placed to help our clients improve their self-care skills such as feeding, dressing, grooming, toileting, making snacks etc 맑은고딕 폰트 다운로드.


We may give advice about the following specialized equipment:-

  • Seating in school, respite and home;
  • Self-care Equipment;
  • Sensory Equipment;
  • Access Technology 자연의소리.


We are also well placed to help our clients expand their play skills from a developmental perspective. Helping clients to identify leisure occupations that they enjoy and which also help them to develop their skills is another area we specialize in Baked Montm.

Sensory Processing

We help our clients understand and interpret the world around them using all of their seven senses – we have body position and movement senses as well as the more familiar sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell senses kbs! We also help clients with modulating their responses to sensory inputs they receive. This is important for helping clients tolerate self-care activities such as dressing and grooming, and for achieving the “just right”calm and alert state that promotes attention and concentration and facilitates learning 마이크로소프트 오피스 프로페셔널 플러스 2016 다운로드.