St Catherine’s nursing department comprises of a team of nurses who provides services to clients and families attending St. Catherine’s Special National School, Respite and Residential Services construction contract form.  The nursing department aims to promote clients health and wellbeing, provide the highest standard of care, and provide support and advice to families 지팡구.

The Nursing Department provides support and guidance to families on:

  • Entitlements
  • Family supports
  • Community services
  • Hospital appointments and visits

We also:

  • Provide emotional and practical support during the process of diagnosis of a child’s disability Download Kelly's Heroes.
  • Work closely with families in assessing the health care needs of the client.
  • Give professional advice and guidance on ongoing medical issues
  • Liaise with hospital/community medical teams involved with the client, and coordinate appointments where possible Windows apache.
  • Devise Nursing care plans and/or class health care plans as appropriate.
  • Provide education and training to families, care givers and staff Download the iPad file.
  • Liaise with St Catherine’s multidisciplinary team.
  • Provide day to day nursing care to the clients during school hours, and 24hr nursing cover for clients with high dependency needs in one of our respite houses 쇼크스티커.
  • Facilitate the national childhood vaccination programmes and the national dental screening programmes.
  • Provide Occupational Health for St Catherine’s staff Halfway.