Professionals and parents can refer children to the St. Catherine’s services if there is a concern about their child’s Development in more that 2 areas of development or if their child is at risk of developmental delay due to a diagnosis or early birth history 더 쉬프트5.

A developmental delay means that a child is behind in some areas of development including:

  • Physical – gross, fine motor.
  • Cognitive – play skill, attention, memory, problem solving, sorting skills and visual perception Download Logic Pro for free.
  • Communication – how the child understands what is said and how the child uses sounds, words or gestures to let others know what he/she wants Download the pono dubbing on the cliff.
  • Social/Emotional – how the child uses sounds, words or gestures to let others know what he/she wants.
  • Adaptive Development – self help, including feeding and dressing skills iperf windows.

Referrals and Assessment

It is hoped that this section will explain to you what happens from the time your child is referred to St ezplus for mac 다운로드. Catherine’s Services, and the accompanying assessment process.

Referral Process

A) Children are referred, in writing, to St Catherine’s Services by the following persons: Doctors or Social Workers in Maternity hospitals, or Paediatric hospitals 어반자카파 get.

Parent queries regarding referrals to St. Catherine’s can be directed to the Referrals Officer:

Referrals Officer

St. Catherines Association,

St Download Shin Shin-myeong-jo. Catherines EDC,

Newcastle, Greystones,

Co. Wicklow.

B) If the service suits your child’s needs we will make contact within two weeks Download the intro source. You and your child will be visited at home by the Team Coordinator who explains the service, the assessment/screening process and will try to answer your questions/concerns 죄와 벌. The coordinator forwards a referral to the rest of the Team.

c) A letter will be sent offering you an appointment with further members of the multi-disciplinary team members 원펀맨 2기 11화 자막. It is aimed that all referrals will be seen for initial contact within 4 weeks of receipt of referral.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Please see link below to view St. Catherine’s Referrals Policy.

SCA Referrals, Admissions & Discharges Policy & Guidelines