Parent Meeting St. Catherines Association Ltd 11th March 2013

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Parent Meeting St. Catherines Association Ltd 11th March 2013

Parent Meeting

St. Catherines Association Ltd

 11th March 2013

Opening Statement

Thank you all for attending tonight. The purpose of tonight’s meeting is to inform parents of the current financial difficulties facing the organisation – to talk about changes that had to be made and the resulting impact on services.


All board members introduce themselves and their connection to St Catherines.

Also introduce CEO, Barry Moriarty, our Director of Services, Dr Battery. Ian Grey and Teresa Smith our Principal in the Special School in Kilmullen Lane.

Firstly we would all like to apologise to parents for not being able to hold this meeting sooner than tonight. Due to the nature of changes that had to be made it was not possible to meet until now. As parents ourselves we understand the stress and concern this has caused and wish to acknowledge that. Hopefully we can answer all your concerns tonight.

We will present a statement from the Board and also include an impact statement from Dr. Ian Grey and Teresa Smith.  After that we will have question and answer time, where we will try to answer as many of your questions as possible optima font 다운로드.

Statement from the Board of Directors

As you are aware St. Catherine’s Association is experiencing serious financial difficulties at present.  The Directors, School Board of Management, CEO and all staff are committed to the current ethos and vision for St. Catherine’s but are conscious that the delivery of services as presently structured will be a challenge in the future. 

St. Catherine’s receives funding from the Department of Education (DES) and Health Service Executive (HSE).  The Department of Education grant is used to fund the special national school.  The HSE grant is used to fund all other services including operating the special preschool, respite and residential service, early services, provision of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, speech and language service etc. 

Over the past number of years the special national school and early services have expanded significantly.  These expansions were undertaken to meet the needs of children who require the intensive support of the early service department and the special school.  St. Catherine’s used HSE funding to support these additional services. However, the funding of these additional supports in the classroom was not sanctioned by either the HSE or the DES Download the resource pack.

It is important to note that our current financial problems have not been created as a result of cuts to HSE funding. 

It is as a result of St. Catherines providing the additional classroom supports without funding to pay for those supports. Of course this was done in the interest of achieving the best possible outcomes for the children in our care but this is what has caused our current financial difficulties. The cost of these supports amount to approx €1.5m annually.

Simply put, St. Catherines was spending more than it was receiving in funding.

At a recent meeting the HSE presented the Board of Directors of St 라이트 룸 6. Catherine’s with two very stark options:

  • Reduce the expenditure substantially by removing non funded staff from the classroom setting and comply with the HSE funding contracts.


  • The HSE will appoint an alternative service provider or numerous service providers to operate the services. This option would mean that St. Catherine’s Association will have no further control over the nature of the service offered to the children.

Thankfully, this second option will now not happen as the HSE have agreed to work together with St.Catherines to help us to return to a position of stability Cisco firmware.

There are still many challenges ahead but the Board of Directors and all at St. Catherine’s are determined to continue to operate the service in order to implement the child centred approach and ethos that has been so beneficial for all the children.

St. Catherine’s will continue to provide occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, speech and language service etc. throughout the special school.

The governance structure of St Catherine’s Association Ltd is under review. This will result in a more accountable and transparent organisation and facilitate better communication with all stakeholders i.e 짱구는 못말려 극장판 쿵푸 라면대란 더빙. parents, staff and funders.

Action taken to address the issues

The Directors and CEO have prepared a sustainability plan which has been presented to and approved by the HSE.  The plan will have a great impact on our five school locations, i.e. Kilmullen Lane, Barnacoyle, the EDC, Avalon in Bray and Woodmount in Arklow. Dr. Ian Grey will speak about the specific impacts in a few moments.

Regrettably St. Catherine’s has had no option but to reduce its wage cost by terminating the contracts of 58 staff members.  These staff were employed throughout the school, residential and respite services Download El Dorado. As directors and parents of children receiving services, this decision was very difficult to make and accept, but it was clear to us that there was no alternative.

The school Board of Management has been informed of this decision and is engaged in planning for the future management of the school and preschool. The Department of Education has been contacted with a view to securing additional funding for the special school. The managers of the residential and respite services are also engaged in the process wfa 다운로드.

There will be additional changes to be implemented over the next number of months but with the cooperation of staff and families we will all endeavour ensure that the impact on the children is as little as possible.

It is important to point out there is no additional staffing cuts planned as part of this sustainability Plan.

I would now like to ask Dr. Ian Grey to speak about the specific service impacts.

<Ian Speaks here> see his statement attached Download Snowman.

What can parents do – <board member other then the chair takes this piece>

The cooperation and support of parents has never been more important to St. Catherine’s.  The funding challenges in the service must be addressed. 

Parents and children have benefited from the excellent service provided by the staff at St. Catherine’s.  Now is the time for parents to consider if there is anything they can do to support the service.  What can parents do to help?

  • We will need the support of our local representatives to secure additional funding from the Department of Education to support the special national school and preschool.  Parents could write a letter to each of the representatives – tell them the story of your family, how children, their siblings and wider family have benefited from your interaction with St Download EuroTruck2 Korea Map. Catherine’s.  How will changes in the service affect your family.


  • Parents could form a fund raising committee or a parents group to exchange ideas and offer support to each other.  Parents could join together to support fund raising events in your area.


  • A number of years ago St Catherines launched the ‘Helping Hands Appeal’.  In this appeal we asked parents and families of children attending the service to contribute a monthly donation towards the operation of the service.  These donations may qualify for a tax rebate for the association from the Revenue Commissioners – so you are giving on the double!  Are you in a position to support the appeal?
  • The Parents Association is a vital link in the operation of St Catherine’s. Joining and becoming active in this group would allow parents a voice in the organisation.

Q and A – <all board members should participate if possible in this to be seen to be united as a group>

Announcement of next parent meeting.