Joint Statement from The Director of Services and The Principal of the School

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Joint Statement from The Director of Services and The Principal of the School

Joint Statement from The Director of Services and The Principal of the School

1.   This is a joint statement fromTeresa Smithas School Principal and I, Ian Grey, as Director  of  Services. We  are  making  this  joint  statement  as  both  of  us  have responsibility for the services your children receive.  In terms of understanding the structure of St. Catherine’s it is important for you all to know  that department of education teachers and SNA’s report to Teresa and that all clinical staff including the ABA  supervisors and tutors report to me.  While Teresa and I will talk to you about the educational and clinical part of the service, we  know that many of you have children in other parts of the service outside of  school locations including respite services and even residential services 맥 자바 다운로드.  We will  talk about the implications for our pre-school and school first and will then  discuss  the implications for respite and residential services and also for clinical  inputs.     We ourselves have only known about the sustainability plan and redundancies for little over a week.

2.   At the outset, we would both like to state that all here are extremely concerned with the implications of the reduced staffing levels for their children.  We aim to give you an honest appraisal of these changes on the future education of your children and the other services they receive.  From your perspective, it is also critical that we are able to define what we as a service aim to put in place once for your children once these staff reductions take effect in 4 weeks from now 비트스눕 다운로드.

3.   Early Intervention

a.    Our Early Intervention service has two components to it.  The first is devoted to children from birth to age three years and is centre and home based.  The second is devoted to children from age three to age 6 and its primary remit is the   provision   of   specialist   educational   and  clinical   pre-school   based intervention.  Both Teresa,Yvonne Duffin, the manager for Early Intervention and I have worked hard together to provide you with  the best model of service  for your  children  in  both  of  these  areas.     The  model  that  has underpinned the services for children aged between three and six has been Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention but has gone beyond that model to more effectively integrate clinical inputs from other  disciplines  and  more importantly harness the skills and knowledge of DES sanctioned teachers and SNA’s 8 downloads of skycastle.  Many of you are able to testify to the efficacy of this model for your children.  We wish to stress that the DES, as per the whole school evaluation report  in  2010,  have  described  our  classes  for children  with  autism  in particular  as  using  evidence  based  interventions and  have described the manner  in  which  ABA  is  used  in  all  school  locations  for  all  children  as commendable.  The HSE standards which form the basis for our model of early  intervention  across  all locations also  require  that  we  implement evidence-based interventions.  We are completely compliant with the HSE’s own standards in this domain for children with disability. We wish to dispel any suggestion that model of early intervention in St. Catherine’s  was in some way ‘wrong’ or that it was not recognised.  In effect, the model and its principles are both compliant with guidelines from the DES and HSE and are recognised but inadequately funded at the current time 유튜브 wmv.

b.   Early services for children aged up to 3 will remain largely directly unaffected in so far as that no staff reductions have taken place in this area.  However, an  effect they  will  experience down the line  a  reduction  in  clinical  time available to individual children.  This is simply because to date the majority of clinical inputs from OT, SLT, Physiotherapy for children aged between three and six have been in the form of recommendations which  have then been implemented by the teachers, SNA’s and individual tutors  assigned to each child.   This  in  the  past  freed  up substantial  clinical  time.   In  the  future, clinicians will have to do more direct work across all older age groups which entails there will be less input across all children aged up to 3.  Children aged between 3 and 4 in HSE funded early intervention  programmes will remain largely unaffected.

c.    The biggest changes will however occur for in DES classes in the  following locations: Early Intervention (Avalon, Woodmount and EDC),Kilmullen Lane, Barnacolye and the EDC Download Jeju Ming-type. There are six major changes:

i.   Reduced  staffing  ratios  in  all  classes.    These  will  affect  different classes differently.   Teresa will be able to comment on  this more specifically later.

ii.   A near total loss of individualised curriculum instruction and input for all children.

iii.   A reduction in the implementation of on-going clinical  interventions owing to the loss of each child’s individual tutor.

iv.   A reduction in individual skills based teaching children for all children. v.   A reduction in community based skills teaching for all children 삼성 프린터 진단.

vi.   A reduction in community access for children.

vii.   It is possible that the July provision for children may not continue.

These  changes  will  also  require  a  re-configuration  of  existing  classes  to conform to DES and HSE policies and as such you can expect changes in the composition of your child’s class.  The process of identifying how children will need   to   be   placed   together   is   currently   underway  and   Teresa   will communicate these changes to you prior to their occurrence.

4.   Respite Services

a.    At this point in time I have not been given any details regarding proposed changes to respite services 리듬 스타 다운로드.

5.   Residential Services

a.    A total of 23 staff are being made redundant in residential services. These losses are to be made up in part by the transfer of existing non DES funded school staff into residential services. However, in addition, the HSE have very recently stated their intention to transfer six individuals aged over the age of 18 into another service in Wicklow. The HSE has repeatedly stated that St. Catherines is not an adult service and that these individuals will be transferred out of the care of St. Catherine’s into an adult service provider 터닝메카드 노래.

We have advocated for these individuals to remain in our care but to no avail. However, we have not yet received any details on this process or notification as to when this transfer is to take place. We have requested that the HSE provide adequate notice and work with St. Catherines and the new service provider to ensure a smooth transition for these individuals to ensure they

are not adversely affected. We have already identified the nature of the supports needed for these individuals for their effective care and welfare to be maintained.  The residential service continues to have a full time dedicated and highly experienced and excellent behaviour specialist 넷플릭스 백그라운드 다운로드. The house leaders in residential are deeply committed to the children in their care and these two factors will help minimise any difficulties we face there.

6.   Future Services

a.    Pre-School and School. The pre-school and school will now operate in line with traditional class structure and DES supports (e.g., , a teacher and two SNA’s per class of six children with autism).  However, both Teresa , Yvonne and I in conjunction with the ABA Manager and ABA Supervisors have begun working immediately to retain as much as possible the model of intervention we have developed over the years. The ABA department and teachers are committed to trying to identify the best model of service that we can with the resources we have left. We have also begun the process of making applications for additional supports to the DES immediately Download the yuzu emulation.  I hope the clinical departments will also work closely with me to ensure that clinical inputs are maximised as much as possible.  It will take us time to re-structure our services but we will do it as quickly as we possibly can.  We are also in the process of establishing a parent/teacher association  to assist with this and give parents a voice. There is no doubt that this is a traumatic time for everyone. I will not gloss over that. However, we do want to clearly and categorically state that it is our intention to face this crisis with the view of building our service back into what it at this moment remains; one of the finest in the country. We will endeavour to retain the ethos of St. Catherine’s.

Date of Statement: March 11th 2013