Short breaks are time limited and regular breaks from caring, which; Aims to support and sustain the caring relationship.  We provide short breaks for carers of children with a moderate, severe or profound intellectual disabilities in registered designated centres more commonly known as respite centres and through Saturday Clubs in the community.

Traditional Over-night Respite 

We have three registered designated centres which provide over-night respite to children aged between 6 – 18 years; Haughton House, Brambles and Ballylusk Cottage.

Each centre can provide respite for up to 4 children per night.  Respite is usually provided in regular planned respite of between 1-4 nights or for longer periods as determined by the Short Break Planning Group.

Each of our designated centres are designed to provide a homely environment providing the care and supports necessary for your child to enjoy their stay with us and to focus on life long skill development.

We provide positive behaviour support to children with complex behavioural support needs through a team of qualified Behaviour Support Specialists.

Children with complex medical conditions are supported in Haughton House through a team of registered nurses, social care workers and health care support staff.

Saturday Clubs 

Not every carer needs or wants their child to stay overnight away from them – but they still need time to recharge their batteries.

The Potter Club was developed in 2016 as a pilot project to provide a time limited short break to family carers so that they could spend time doing something with their partner, other children or friends that they would not ordinarily be able to do.

The benefits for the children who attend the Potter Club is that they get to engage in a recreational club based in the community and do all the fun things that other children get to do in clubs.  There is a strong focus on community engagement and participation in the club.


If your child is attending St. Catherine’s School you are eligible for a short break service if they have a moderate, severe or profound intellectual disability.

All other referrals for short breaks must be made to St. Catherine’s via the HSE Children’s Disability Manager.

For further information please contact:

Kalinda Healy

Head of Respite & Short Breaks