We aim to provide services that will:

1.  Provide an appropriate, relaxed and safe family home environment in community based settings for clients of the service.

2.  Engender in the minds of the client and their families, a feeling of security and trust in the location, and in the care provided. This trust will be such that the families will choose to seek respite independently.

The Association views respite services as an important part of its integrated approach to providing a supporting role to all families facing the life-long challenges that their family member presents.

This service is viewed by the Association as a support to the student’s family in the first instance. The service to the client will be managed with a view to complimenting the role of their family.

The respite/residential service will endeavour to continue and enhance the level of care already provided within the day service. The needs of the client will be developed and revised on a regular basis.

We have three respite houses within the organisation, Haughton HouseBrambles, and  Ballylusk.

If you have a child attending St. Catherines School you may be eligible to apply for Respite services.  For further information please contact the Head of Respite & Short Breaks, Kalinda Healy (kalindahealy@stcatherines.ie)